Of Timeless Beauty And Quality

Sparkling waters and the ever-evolving skyline of Yishun.

Signature At Yishun place your life on the top of it

Pure luxury and elegance in mind is the perfect term to define Signature at Yishun, this dreamy Condo will leave you with unexpected surprises when take step inside, interior of all units shows off the sophistication, modernization in mind, the thoughtful texture expands usable spaces and the harmonious combination of primary colors reflect the ultimate tastefulness of the owner. The most highlight makes exclusive identity of Signature at Yishun is glass panels that maximize the evasion of the natural light into rooms and culminate breathtaking views around. Sleek finishes comes with timber floor, the predominant use of cream color and a clean look add an airiness and welcoming for this Condo at Yishun.

Living room

For the first glance at the living room, you will be gobsmacked by the unique art graffiti running through walls and ceiling that add whimsical colors, debonair Latin style and an unexpected dose of excitement, rebellion to your gathering space. In addition, the statement of warmth and the touch of nostalgy is evoked with the layer of wool on one of wall-facets.


All kitchens in Signature EC are lit up with integrated innovative appliances, elite color, polish look and unique backsplashes. The design is driven to clean and warm up the space, so cream and gray hues, stainless steel fittings along with burnished surfaces make the dominance over the kitchen.


Let yourself wake up with the changes of the cloud and sky, the play of light and dark is performed breathtakingly here, right at your bedroom. Curtains and velvet accents to anchor the space, warm light bring a feminine touch. A deep indulgence for emotion, in a certain aspect, Signature at Yishun hits a level of Relaxation beyond your expectation

Reading room

Another thoughtful devotion of Signature at Yishun to its residents is a quiet, cozy and tranquil reading room where you can relax the mind, get rid of the stress you have accumulated designed just for that. A over-sized floor-to-ceiling built-in wooden bookcase is the centerpiece for this room.


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